Customers Case Studies
Me2 – Mobile Social Networking & Interactive Virtual Worlds
MBC Group, Duabi

The Me2 platform is a mobile based social network with interactive avatars and rooms. Avatars can chat, move around, interact with virtual objects, be customised and perform actions with other avatars. The application is deployed in many Middle East countries running on Nokia and BlackBerry handsets.

The Me2 platform is designed for change including adding more features. To cope with this, the system is made up of many small building blocks grouped together in distributed services each exposing. These blocks are then used by the Enjector Workflow to construct processes that are invoked by Me2 mobile, other Me2 service and service provider applications.

Currently there are about 40 different processes such enrolment, login, chatting with other avatars and processes payment of virtual goods using SMS/mobile-messaging.

Whenever the mobile client requires an action to be carried out, a workflow process is always invoked. The workflow process will then use the blocks to communicate with various types of back end services to fulfil the request. The result is then returned to the mobile client using an asynchronous middleware developed by Enjector called the Enjector Service Bus.

Enjector Workflow plays a key component of Me2's Orchestration service, the Me2 team is able to rapidly build new processes from existing blocks and debug them when required in production.

The following simplied diagram show how Me2's Orchestration service relates to distributed services and applications. Each service provides serveral Workflow Activity blocks.

The following is a screen shot of Enjector Workflow Engine modelling Me2's processes: