About Enjector
Enjector Software established in 2003
Northampton Science Park, Northampton, United Kingdom

Enjector Software specialises in building intelligent software agents that perform intelligent behaviours based on requests and sensed events from users, software and hardware systems in the business environment.

Our Mission
These agents are taught where and how to take sensorial information and what analysis should be done on data and events. They are then taught goals they should achieve and select the "best" protocol (processes/policies) to achieve its goal through self-teaching.

Many researchers have tried to achieve this goal but mostly in the context of robotics. Our attempt is build new algorithms and techniques that will allow users to grow/teach domain-specific software agents.

Currently we are developing software agents to assist users into as to provide them with insights in the form of connected information, suggestions and notifications based on the context of the user's role and current work. Insights may have accompanying actions that can be carried out semi-automatically based on learnt behaviour from other users.

What are we doing right now?
Since 2003 we have been building and incorporating our technology into our cloud based services and into customer solutions. Many of building blocks are designed around managing people's work, communication channels and collaboration.

We are now releasing parts of our technology so it can be leveraged by software engineers. The first product is Enjector Workflow.

Soon after we shall be releasing domain specific Enjector Workflow Activity packs which we call "verbs."